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By Lucie Nelka |

■ Scare Spray canned air forkids who are scared of theboogie man and want to sprayhim away:

$5.95 at Freckles

■ Makeup applied and hairstyled to resemble TammyFaye Bakker:

$60 for an hour at Incognito■Custom-made Spuds Mackenzie costume: $50 for labor and $8 a yard at Costume Adventures

■ Clown costume:

$28 to rent for three days plus a $15 refundable deposit at Norcostco Texas Costume

■Witch’s broom:$6 at Magicland

■Fog machine:

$40 a day at United Rent-All

■Party planner to organize aHalloween party for fifty:$950 plus tax (includessnacks, decorations, set-up,and clean-up) at Fun Factory


$85 to $200 per party at Fun Company of the Southwest

■ Gorilla mask:

Three versions, from $36 to $49 at Positively Magic

■Candy for trick-or-treaters:$2.89 for one-pound sack ofMilky Way bars and $3.09 forone pound of snack pack-sizepeanut M&M’s at Kroger

■Five-pound Jack-O-Lanternpumpkin:

$5 at the Farmer’s Market

■ Ever-Ready Commanderflashlight:

$2.99 at Target