THE STYLE Light-hearted and young. Fruity and fun. These lovable, gulpable wines have won the whole world over. For their country-fresh charm. For their uncomplicated nature. For their sheer deliciousness. The inimitable Beaujolais style has a soft body and a bit of a nip. The effect is exuberant and always, fresh.

THE GRAPE 100%Gamay,at its best in Beaujolais.

THE TASTE Of just-picked roses, raspberries, strawberries and violets.

THE TYPE Fruity red wines.

THE PLACE A rustic, rolling, vine-covered countryside in the heart of France, just south of Bourgogne. Beyond basic BEAUJOLAIS and BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU (the famous “new wine” shipped just one month after harvest to fans worldwide) is BEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES (vil-ahzj) from the 39 southern villages, and the nine tine CRUS (crew) or “growths”. Moving from the lightest-bodied Cru to the full-bodied “King of the Beaujolais,” they are: Chiroubles. Brouilly, Core de Brouiily, St. Amour, Fleurie, Chénas, Morgon, Julienas and Moulin-à-Vent

FOOD CUES Known as “the only red wine that’s like white” because it chills like white wine and goes with white meats like white wine. Flexible Beaujolais enhances most any food -from fish and poultry, beef and veal to salads and all types of French cheeses.


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