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Real Estate Report

By Sally Giddens |

LIGHTEN UP, FELLAS. YOU’RE TAKING THESE ECONOMIC DOLDRUMS too seriously. The gloomy faces and doom talk are a self-fulfilling prophecy extending this real estate market repose into permanent pause. Time after time the old pros will tell you-you have to believe in the cycles. What goes down will again come up. And in the meantime, believe it or not, there are people around here making money in real estate, and we’ve got the proof right here in this magazine. If you are out there hustling deals or fee work, chances are you’re talking to FADA, the Federal Asset Disposition Association, or to FSLIC, the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation. The feds are a major influence in the Dallas market these days-as an owner and an employer. Our analysis will help you get to know them a little bit better. And you can read about Mike Prentiss, the young buck who’s bucked the odds and is on the verge of making the biggest real estate purchase in the history of this country. If that’s not enough evidence, we’ve got the ten best real estate deals in Dallas. No, these aren’t bargain basement purchases; we all know vultures only eat dead meat. We’re talking property that exemplifies the good values available in Dallas today. Now smile, dammit, and turn the page.

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