The Neiman-Marcus Caper

On Tuesday, January 27, Angela King, thirty-two, boarded a bus for the state women’s prison in Gainesville. King, who had worked as a personal shopper at Neiman-Marcus, pleaded guilty last October to stealing designer clothing from the store (“Who’s Ripping Off The Store?” December ’85). She was sentenced in December to three years in prison. King also is involved in a divorce proceeding and may lose custody of her two little girls. She probably will serve 120 to 180 days.

In August 1985, police arrested King for masterminding an elaborate theft ring. Acting on a tipoff, police discovered that King was sneaking clothes in Neiman’s garment bags past security guards and delivering them to a partner in University Park who is alleged to have resold them at a discount to other Park Cities women. The partner, Heide Levy, has been indicted by a grand jury and faces trial this month.


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