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DALLAS City of Winners

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Variety is not only the spice of life, it is life’s very essence. A great symphony orchestra creates its magic through the blending and harmony of many varied instrumental voices. A master chef delights our taste buds with subtle flavors resulting from the mixture of many different herbs and spices. An athletic team is usually victorious only when it successfully combines and utilizes the individual talents of top athletes at each position, both offensive and defensive.

A great city is no exception to this rule. The healthiest, sturdiest economies are those which include a diversity of business, financial and commercial activities. And the most aesthetically pleasing and interesting cities are those which combine the right mixture of architectural styles, both the old and the new.

In a city growing as steadily and rapidly as Dallas, new office buildings, even those as varied and beautiful as those now appealing on our streets and expressways, soon become commonplace. The real excitement then occurs when a developer with vision teams up with an architect with unusual talent and imposes no cost restraints upon his creativity.

Since great architects rarely imitate, the result is always unpredictable. It is usually unique. Often it is attractive. Occasionally it is beautiful. In rare cases, it is so dramatic and breathtaking that it immediately becomes the talk of the town. This is The Crescent. Designed in a radius around a single point, the complex sticks out its chest proudly to the city of Dallas on the south, while to the north it curves protectively around its own enclave of hotel and shops.

As a result, The Crescent never looks the same from one minute to the next as interlocking patterns of light and shadow constantly form and dissolve with the passage of the sun. If beauty is its own reason for existence, The Crescent, as it begins its commercial life, has already aesthetically justified its inspired arrival on the Dallas scene.