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Harry Rarker, Whyfore Aren’t Thou?

By D Magazine |

The news that long-time Dallas Museum of Art chief Harry Parker had abruptly resigned was barely an hour old when the speculation began in earnest. What was the real story behind the sudden bailout, and why the billowing golden parachute? (Parker will collect his $110,000 salary until September 1988.)

On the theory that instant analysis is always amusing, if often inaccurate, we made some quick phone calls to sample off-(he-cuff reaction.

The Spirit of T. Boone Pickens Explanation: “I think Ray Nasher has plans to open his own museum, and he plans to hire Harry to run it for him.”

The “Then I’ll Take My Marbles Somewhere Else” Explanation: “Harry likes to work in an expansionist environment. He likes spending bond money, not making budget cuts.”

The Oldest Story in the Book Explanation: “Harry was fired because he made a pass at a female employee.”

The Oldest Story in 1987 Explanation: “Maybe somebody found out that he was paying illegal recruiting fees to SMU croquet players.”

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