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Don’t shop till you drop-read this
By D Magazine |

A major division of humanity is between people who love to shop and people who hate to shop. A new publication, Susan’s Suggestions, offers help for both types.

Me, I love to shop, but my career as a consumer is frequently hindered by my other career as a journalist, which I like to give the better part of my attention, in order to make the money that fuels the shopping. Since I started my subscription to Susan’s Suggestions, I no longer have a constant, nagging feeling that somewhere in Dallas I’m missing out on really great stuff that is being snatched up by women with more leisurely lives while I’m in a meeting or at a computer terminal.

That’s because, as editor and publisher of Susan’s Suggestions, Susan Kaminsky spends nearly all of her time checking out great stuff, wherever it may be. In her tireless cruising of Dallas shops, Kaminsky seeks the best of everything, from face cloths (the English-made “VIC”) and mascara (Lancome) to takeout food (the Everyday Gourmet) and sources for women’s shoes this season (the Gazebo. Lina Lee, Ann Taylor, Neiman-Marcus NorthPark).

Kaminsky, who is a wardrobe consultant and personal shopper, says she decided to publish Susan’s Suggestions to help less skilled shoppers navigate the seas of shopping in Dallas. “The amount of merchandise available to the Dallas shopper is incredible,” she says. “For those who enjoy shopping, the infinite selection is an absolute delight. For others, the immense wealth of merchandise available can be overwhelming and a continual source of frustration. For those who love to shop, I hope to be able to tell them about merchandise and services of which they may not yet be aware. And for those who hate to shop, I hope to make the task somewhat easier and more pleasant.”

Kaminsky is passionate about the importance of well-informed shopping. She says: “Susan’s Suggestions is an effort to encourage disciplined and discriminating shopping on a regular basis, so that the goods and services readers purchase will prove to be a source of satisfaction, pleasure, and pride. The consumer’s ’job,’ as I see it, is to buy only those items that she wants, needs, and knows she will use and enjoy over a long period of time.”

Susan’s Suggestions is published quarterly. To get the May issue and the forthcoming July issue, send $10 to Susan Kamin-sky, P.O. Box 383, Addison, TX 75001.