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By Bill Adler |

How bitter was the NFL strike? On the first Sunday of the replacement games, The Delias Morning Hews Washington bureau reported that picketers outside Washington’s RFK Stadium greeted Redskins rooters with the most vicious epithet they could hurl: “Dallas fans! Dallas fans!” they chanted. Now that’s bitter.

“My friend Kevin McCarthy is here tonight. He has his own talk show now, you know [on KLIF]. But the funny thing about listening to Kevin is, no matter who he’s interviewing, he always sounds like he’s interviewing himself.”

-singer/songwriter Michael Martin Murphey at the Fairmont Hotel’s Venetian Room

“[The story of Dean Singleton] who in 1986 returned to his home state and fashioned himself as a conquering hero-in the form of owner of the Dalls Times Herald… is also the tale of a man with a seemingly unlimited capacity for ass-kissing and ruthless ness, and a stunning disregard for journalistic quality.”

-Bill Adler, in The Texas Observer