DALLAS City of Winners

Many citizens of Dallas, when traveling to other cities around the country on business or pleasure, seem to experience the same strange phenomenon when buying a paper. The local newspapers of other towns always seem to fall short when compared to the Dallas papers – not as newsy, not as many pages, fewer interesting features, less color.

We used to think it was because we are familiar with the local papers and therefore feel more comfortable and content with their familiar format. We now realize that the Times Herald and the News are indeed superior to most of the nation’s newspapers in almost every respect – size, editorial excellence, layout, typography, features, use of color, national awards, sponsorship of special events, support of worthy causes – everything.

As we celebrated the 100th birthday of The Dallas Morning News last year, veteran Dallas citizens could recall with pride the many significant decisions and developments in which its editorial staff led the crusade – the Federal Reserve Bank, Southern Methodist University. Union Terminal, opposition to the Ku Klux Klan, inauguration of the council-manager form of government, the concept of city planning, the Trinity levee system – the list goes on and on.

Dallasites would do well to recognize our deep debt of gratitude to both papers for their unswerving dedication to excellence and top quality publishing. The fierce competition between the two has created a healthy atmosphere of challenge and commitment from which all Dallas has benefited.


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