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Head Scarves, Earth Tones, And The Return Of Curves

Is it real or an illusion? Fashion designers, like movie-makers, deal with perceptions. With cameras, lights, and a carefully selected music score, a mood is created. The cashmere is warm, the tweeds comfortable, the velvet luxurious. ?????This fall and winter, the mood continues long after the lights have dimmed on the runway. The look is nostalgic and sensual, with the body-conscious styling of spring developing into full-fledged curves for fall. ????? The colors of the season tend to radiate from the earth tones, with brown making a bold comeback. The reds are more orangy than lacquer; the blues are darker than navy and often paired with gray; subtle moss green replaces forest. Stone, amethyst, and wheat complete the earthy color wheel. ????? Head scarves override the need for bulky earrings or necklaces; gloves give the hands new sophistication. When accessorized, the look is simple but bold, with gold-brushed or brilliant-beautifully complementing the earthy, muted tones. Silver on black or gray is understated, but strong. ????? And for the holiday season, bold mosaic patterns of vibrant colors, combined with black, glittering metallic threads and fabrics such as lurex and lame, round out the return to glamour. Black and backless dresses define the womanly form, with special touches such as satin or velvet to add even more sex appeal. ????? Off the runway and on location in Dallas, these tony textures and hip-hugging silhouettes are more than an illusion.