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THUMB AWARD “Secret Plan” Taxes Patience


Thumbs down to Bill Clements for his continuing, irrational opposition to the tax increases needed to stem the tide of red ink engulfing our state budget. During the two special sessions called to deal with the budget shortfall, Clements stood on the sidelines and made one thing clear: he would do something about the problems, and it wouldn’t be what Gov. Mark White was doing. Clements is depending on his “secret plan” and his anti-tax demagoguery to help him reclaim the governorship. Granted, White and House Speaker Gib Lewis had to be dragged kicking and screaming to fiscal reality, but at least they faced the facts. Without the cushion provided by high oil prices, we will have to pay more if we want first-class schools and highways, not to mention a minimal safety net for the poor and disadvantaged.