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Survival The TRESS Mess


An economic downturn inevitably generates stress for those most accustomed to financial success. Help is available, however, for less than you might think.

● HCA South Arlington Medical Center,3201 Omega Drive, is hosting a Stress Management Symposium January 12 through 16.Courses include art therapy, biofeedback,yoga, family relationships, exercise to relieve stress. Call 467-9024 for reservations.

● Psychologist Kenneth Price is offering adifferent kind of stress management, Getthis-Caribbean cruises. For $1,500 to$2,500 per person, you spend seven or eightdays at sea. Stress seminars meet on board,and Price supplies stress management materials for deckside reading. Call 387-4222.

● A bankruptcy support group was formedafter one desperate filer phoned The Dr.Lynn Weiss Show on KLIF-AM and unleashed a deluge of similar calls. So sinceAugust, fifteen to twenty couples have beenmeeting at the Dr. Lynn Weiss Center, 4411North Central Expressway, Suite 210, everyMonday at 7 p.m. A therapist works with thegroup, and a bankruptcy attorney is presentto give advice.

● Mobile Fitness Inc. owner Judy Creinerleaches stress management to groups of corporate employees. Courses include Stressand Burn-out. The Art of Relaxation. Women and Stress, Aerobic Exercise for StressManagement, and Surviving the Holidays. Cost to the company is $100 for a one-hour course, $250 for a half day. and $450 for a full day, regardless of the size of the group. You can reach Creiner al 985-7145.

● At least two churches-First Presbyterian Church, Harwood at Wood Street, andFirst Unitarian Church, 4015 NormandyDrive-have formed support groups for jobseekers.

● The Finley Ewing Cardiovascular andFitness Center, a program of PresbyterianHospital (5721 Phoenix Drive), offers a four-session stress management course. Topicsinclude identifying stress, mental and physical relaxation, and personality types andhow they respond to stress, Cost is $75 fornon-members. Call 696-7074.

● Brookhaven Community College periodically offers a stress management andbiofeedback course, with four three-hourevening sessions. Cost is $27. 3939 ValleyView Lane, in Farmers Branch. Call 620-4715 for schedules.

● Eastfield Community College has astress management course beginning November 12 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on fourconsecutive Wednesdays. Cost is $20. 3737Motley Drive, Mesquite. Call 324-7113.

● North Lake Community College willhost a day-long course. The Structure ofStress, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. December 5.Cost is $20. 5001 MacArthurBlvd., Irving.Call 659-5200.