Well. son. IT’S YOUR MONEY” . . the words echo through the decades with ominous foreboding warning against the purchase of various purple polka-dotted items that wouldn’t last lor more than a few days. Now that we’re grown-ups, where’s that all-knowing voice? It’s still our money, but it doesn’t just jingle in our pocket anymore, so we search through fields of experts for that wise voice. And 1986 hasn’t been the easiest of years to invest our money, what with (the “economic recovery” looming, oil prices falling, then rising, then falling, and the “simplified * tax law around the corner (to complicate our money matters. Accountants agree there’s nothing simple about the simplified tax law. Everyue isconfused. don’t preiend to know all of the answers but in this package of stories on personal finance, we take a delailcd look at some of your investment concerns. Real estate limited partnerships-you read about the bankruptcies every day So wliat about your investment? Will it be tomorrow’s headline? What about that simplified tax law? We invented four representative Dallas households and let the experts at Arthur Young & Company forecast their after-tax futures. We convinced some Dallas celebrities to share their investment strategies and tragedies, and we found five of Dallas’s best financial planners. Put these with our tidbits on goods and services that are new. improved, or on the move, and you’ve got a healthy dose of finance fodder for fell.


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