DALLAS City of Winners

Many words and phrases have been used in an attempt to describe the city of Dallas – its image and its lifestyle.

Most of them are upbeat – and deservedly so. Dallas, city of winners. The city that works. City of success. City of growth. The town that encourages the entrepreneur. City of culture. Financial capital of the southwest. Dynamic Dallas.

In refreshing contrast, it is gratifying to discover that there are now a few areas and elements in our city which march to the beat of a different drummer. One such place is McKinney Avenue, where the developers, the merchants, the restaurateurs, the tenants have determined to push back the hands of the clock to feature the charm and grace of an earlier era. Here, an eclectic mixture of shoppers, diners, joggers, gallery hoppers, conventioners and business executives find themselves among a charming mixture of shops, restaurants, art galleries, antique stores and sidewalk cafes all within four blocks of the arts distinct, the museum and the new symphony hall.

Connecting the whole area with yesterday’s leisurely mode of travel, the McKinney trolley car should soon be clanging and swaying its way along McKinney between the arts district and Hall Street. Dallas may lack San Franciscos view, hills and fog, but we hope soon to take another step backward toward matching her in charm. Words such as leisurely, old-fashioned, slow-paced, laid back and nostalgic sound kind of nice in Dallas, don’t they?


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