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New bedtime stories for a holiday countdown
By L.N. |

Waiting for Santa’s arrival is sheer delight for mischievous Max, a certain rabbit-type fellow, and his all-too-patient sister, Ruby. Max’s Christmas by Rosemary Wells is bound to be a Christmas favorite. $7.95 at Doubleday Bookshops.

Twelve Days of Christmas by Sophie Windham. This lift-the-flap book provides a game of adventure and memory. Hidden underneath each flap are the twelve gifts in no certain order-it’s up to you to remember, Look for quite a show on the last day. $13.95 at Shakespeare Books, 1922 Greenville Avenue.

December 24 by Denys Cazet. Christmas Eve is Grandpa’s birthday, but grandchildren Emily and Louie think he may have forgotten. While trying to jog Grandpa’s memory, the kids learn about all the holidays celebrated. And don’t hurry past the illustrations-they’re a grab bag of surprises. $12.95 at Shakespeare Books.

Pigs at Christmas by Arlene Dubanevich. Christmas is fast approaching for some irresistible little piggies. With no Christmas tree bought or cookies baked, the group works at a frenzied pace to prepare for Christmas morning. $13.95 at Rootabaga Bookery in Snider Plaza

Bunnies at Christmastime by Amy Ehrlich. Paulette, Larry, and Harry, three typical bunny siblings, set out to discover the true identity of Santa Claus. Most pages have three illustrations, all full of elaborate detail. Move up bedtime an hour to allow time for this one. $10.95 at Rootabaga Bookery.

Arthur’s Christmas Wish by Sharon L. Wooding. Arthur, a selfish but lovable mouse, receives a visit from his fairy godmother, who agrees to grant him one wish, as long as the wish will bring happiness to others. Arthur asks for a second wish, and thinking that, too, has been granted, he comes to realize the true spirit of Christmas giving. $12.95 at Taylor’s Books.

Poor Gabriella by Victoria Forrester. Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus find safety and warmth within the barn. All the animals huddle around the family-except poor Gabriella, an old cow locked outside in the frigid winter air. And then there is a miracle. $12.95 at Taylor’s Books.

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