Thumbs Up to District 2 Councilwoman Lori Palmer for garnering council support in July to kill plans for construction of an asphalt batching plant on Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas. In the past, the asphalt batching plant would have been perceived as an appropriate use of the industrial area. But recent adherence to policies in a 1983 West Dallas land-use study is supposed to prevent industrial projects from being “dumped” on the area. Nearly 100 West Dallas residents, still energized by their long struggle to crack down on two area lead smelters, were present at the public hearing; several of them said they feared the asphalt plant would be a smelly nuisance and possible health hazard. Oddly enough, they were joined by former District 2 Councilman Paul Fielding, who was teased by Councilman Al Lipscomb for finally being on the same side of an issue as Palmer. Palmer, however, didn’t appear to find the comment amusing.


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