Take It Out of the Holster First, Jerry: Tired of shooting himselfin the foot, Dallas City Councilman Jerry Rucker has packed uphis 44-caliber lip and set his sights on higher office. Trouble is,nobody can figure exactly what he’s aiming for. It’s definitely not Democrat John Bryant’s congressional seat, as earlier rumored.Rucker’s top adviser, high-powered GOP consultant Carol Reed, recently signed on to help State Rep. Ray Keller, R-Duncanville,gun down Bryant. Rucker may take a shot at county judge, if Dave Fox doesn’t find that job to his liking. But Ruckerhucksters sayJerry would really like to don the Mayor’s tux. So would Lee Simpson and Annette Strauss. A hot tip has the Bent Tree Mafiatwisting former Mayor Jack Evans’ arm for a return engagement.Sources say he’s keeping his dance card free.

Priceless Commissioners Court?: County Courtiers say John Wiley Price, the area’s Top Black Elected Official, may go for theState Senate seat held by veteran Democrat Oscar Mauzy, who’sdue for a judgeship. A likelier scenario: Price backs prot?g? JesseJones against State Rep. Paul Ragsdale, who also wants Mauzy’sjob…The Price faction will flex its muscles by opposing OakCliff Congressman Martin Frost in the next Democratic primary,we hear… And there’s a wild rumor that Frost’s Republican opponent may be former City Councilman Paul Fielding, who wasousted from the council last spring by Lori Palmer. That campaign ended with Fielding accused of illegal dirty tricks (like sending fake “Gays for Palmer” mailers to conservativeneighborhoods). No word on whether Fielding’s crew will breakout the white sheets for a “KKK for Frost” rally in South OakCliff, but we’ll keep you posted.

Trouble In Paradise-O: Nightclub impresario Shannon Wynne, late of Tango, 8.0, Nostromo and Mexico, is headed for Divorce-O. We hear Shannon’s wife, hot fashion model Patti, finds him a bit heavy-handed, if you catch the Drift-O. And things could really get complicated when Patti, who’s just jumped ship at the Tanya Blair Agency (for more see page 90), joins her soon-to-be ex-brother-in-law Angus Wynne’s new shop. Everything divorce-wise will be final September 13, and sources say Shannon is training for a rough-and-tumble child custody bout. Uh-O!

Up, Up and Away: Turbulence over Bent Tree. . . Former airline stewardess Jan Rogers calling it quits with her husband,Richard, son of cosmetics czarina Mary Kay Ash. Our sourcesin the Far North saw it coming. (“I knew Richard and Jan wouldn’tlast the first time I saw that huge portrait of his mother-hangingover their bed,” whispers one Bent Treeite.) Word at the 19th Holehas Jan swooping in for a sizable share of those pinkbacks, withDallas attorney Joe Geary on a fat retainer … Bent Tree may nolonger be Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Richard was last reportedholed up at the Mansion, steering clear of implication in the bigcocaine bust at his Million Air facility at Addison Airport.Richard’s not involved, but my, when it snows, it pours…

Keep the Eclairs Flying: Rumors persist that the Lucas B&B Cafe (it stands for Better & Better) will soon tumble to make way for yet another mid-rise office tower. Real estate insiders say the Lucas family’s current matriarch, tireless civic leader Virginia Nick, is grilling prospective developers to find one who will take good care of the nostalgic site… Rita Clements will hate to see the old place go. Her husband, ex-guv Bill, makes a habit of going to the B&B for Saturday-morning breakfasts. Sorry, Mrs. Clements, looks as if you’ll have to break out the frying pan.


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