DALLAS City of Winners

America’s most beautiful state capital, taller even than the nation’s capital, Austin’s beloved Queen of Congress Avenue, is in trouble.

Down through the decades of her century-old career, the most important building in Texas has been well used, loved, revered, respected – and neglected. To make amends, Governor Mark White has retained the services of one of the country’s foremost architects to plan and preside over the extensive repair, renovation and restoration now needed. Roy Graham, a former University of Texas professor who served nine years as resident architect of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, is now at work in Austin under a four year contract. It is a good start.

To do the job right, many wars and many millions of dollars will be needed. It is hoped that thousands of Texans will wish to share financially in this labor of love. The original painting, “Grateful Lad}’,” will be donated to the state; and a series of signed/ numbered limited edition prints will be made available without charge to generous donors, autographed by the Governor and his first ladv, Linda Gale White, who has made the fund raising responsibility her personal project.

For even’ print sold by Turtle Creek Gallery at $200, $50 will be donated to the Grateful Lady Restoration Fund. A limited press run of 1,000 signed/numbered prints plus 100 artist’s proofs, on museum grade paper measuring 18″ x 23″, with 14″ x 19″ image, has been made available for the project.


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