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By Lucie Nelka |

You’ll own the road with this Nardi 24-karat gold steering wheel. $410. Road Show, 5130 Lemmon (521-1000).

Even if the traffic gets you overheated, you can keep your cool with this car refrigerator. Available in black, beige and blue. $2,095. Paradise Garage, 1350 Inwood (634-9274).

Your briefcase is calling! This smart-looking attaché has plenty of room for all your important stuff, as well as your cellular phone. $650. Doc Miller Cameras and Luggage, 6959 Arapaho (385-3923).

Made of exotic wood and finished with brass hinges, this cassette holder brings the tunes one step closer to you. At the push of a tiny spring, the cassettes pop up. $450 at Paradise Garage.

Drive into the past with these nostalgic hood ornaments. Rooster. S350. and the Citroen swan. S260. Automotive Emporium. 100 Turtle Creek Village (521-1930).

If you can’t go to them, have them come to you. For S25. the folks at White Wash will hand wash your car inside and out. vacuum the carpets, soak the ashtrays, clean the glass and have it back within 90 minutes, guaranteed. Or you can take it to them and enjoy an open bar while the dirt flies. White Wash, 4507 N. Central (522-2962).

Called the Survival Kit, this set has everything (except the boyfriend to use it) that you’ll ever need if the road throws you a curve. S69.95 at the Road Show.