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By D Magazine |

Thumbs Down to San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, a group of 20 Dallas funeral home owners and the D/FW Airport Hilton for their despicable behavior in the aftermath of the recent crash of Delta Flight 191. As D went to press, Belli was being investigated by the State Bar of Texas in connection with reports that his firm was soliciting relatives of the crash victims as clients for possible lawsuits against Delta Airlines. Only a few days after the crash, the group of Dallas funeral home owners converged on the Dallas County medical examiner’s office to complain that they had been unfairly excluded from processing the bodies of the crash victims. Then the D/FW Airport Hilton issued a press release boasting that “more than 125 families [of crash victims] from around the world found refuge” at the hotel. “The state-of-the-art conference facility was chosen over other local hotels because of its meeting and lodging facilities,” the news release said.