DALLAS-Stand anywhere north of LBJ Freeway and yell “state Highway 190,” and you’ll be taking your life into your
hands. Once again, the controversial 21-mile stretch of state highway is in the news. It’s tentatively scheduled to be
built during the next 20 years between Interstate 35 in Carrollton and state Highway 78 in Garland.

Design of the estimated $330 million highway, as well as land acquisition, is currently under way. Since about 5 1/2
miles is within the Dallas city limits, the state is encouraging the city to try to persuade the extremely reluctant
property owners in Highway 190’s path to “dedicate” (that is, donate) land in the right-of-way so the city doesn’t
have to buy it.

So far, Dallas has acquired about 17 percent of the right-of-way within the city limits. But on the other hand, the
city is having to pay some companies, such as the $1.7 million it paid Landmark Properties for 193,000 square feet
that the company owns along the route. Assistant City Manager Jim Reid says he’s aiming-optimistically- or a 50
percent dedication of land.

But giving up part of their land for free doesn’t necessarily mean that property owners along the Highway 190
right-of-way are on the losing end. Some of them own big parcels of land there. Imagine what those property values
will be in, say, 20 years. For an answer, some observers point to the exploding property values at the intersection of
LBJ Freeway and the Dallas Parkway. By looking at the map above and the names of the property owners, it’s easy to

see who stands to gain from the highway’s construction.

1) Dale Hill; 2) James J. Bur-mingham; 3) McKamy Land Inc.; 4) Sullivan Development Co. Inc.; 5) A.G. Spanos
Construction Co.; 6) Block Shim Inc.; 7) Yancey-Camp Development Co. Inc.; 8) Texas Bower & Light Co.; 9) Gulf United
Corp.; 10) Parkway Investors, Ltd. #1; 11) State of Texas; 12) Sheppard Farm Venture; 13) John A. Jackson; 14) City of
Dallas; 15) William Moss; 16) Stiles Land Corp.; 17) Gladys K. Lloyd; 18) Elwyn M. Mc-Manus; 19) Preston Villa
Addition; 20) Frankford Associates; 21) Arch Pardue, Trustee; 22) Max Williams; 23) Dallas Power & Light Co.; 24)
Coit/Cam-bridge Partners; 25) Frankford Associates; 26) E-Systems Inc. Pool Trust.


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