To win a free, fun-filled tour of Greenville Avenue with prizes valued at $700, identify these photographs. All photos were taken along Greenville Avenue as far north as Meadow Road. Most-but not all-of these items are visible from the street. Be specific. Give names of establishments or a brief description of the location. All submissions must be by mail (no phone calls, please) and must be postmarked between May 2 and May 10, 1985. (Address at bottom of page.)

In case more than one correct entry is received, a drawing will be held to determine the winner. All employees of Southwest Media Inc. and their relatives are ineligible, as are employees of any of the establishments depicted in these photos. You must be 21 to enter. A copy of this page can be obtained free of charge at the offices of D Magazine. The winner will be notified by telephone during the week of May 13, 1985.


1. Dinner for two at TGI Friday’s

2. Dinner for two at Greenville Avenue CountryClub.

3. $50 gift certificate at Bluebonnet NaturalFoods Grocery

4. Dinner for two at Gershwin’s

5. Dinner for two at Rio Grande Grill

6. Lunch for two at Zak’s

7. Dinner for two at Aw’ Shucks

8. Two parfaits at I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt

9. Chocolate chip cookies at Crumble’s

10. Dinner for two at The Grape

11. $50 happy hour for four at Acapulco Bar

12. Lunch for two at Greenville Bar & Grill

13. Two concert tickets at Arcadia

14. Dinner for two at Snuffer’s

15. Two movie passes at Granada

16. Dinner for two at Cardinal Puffs

17. Dinner for two (and pool) at Caulfield’s andStan’s Blue Note.

18. One year’s subscription to D Magazine


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