DALLAS City of Winners

In a city where success is the norm, projects which originate simply as good ideas seem to haw a way of blossoming forth into reality so vibrantly that growth and progress from year to. year soon establish time-honored traditions. These traditions become pennanently integrated into the Dallas lifestyle and become an important, productive chapter in the creation of our local culture.

Artfest and its parent. The 500, Inc.,are perfeet examples. Founded in 1965 by Polly Lou McAdams M(X)re and a dozen friends, The 500, Inc. now boasts over 2,000 members. During the past twenty years, the organization has raised over $3.5 million in support of the arts in Dallas, over half this figure in the last three years alone. Just as important, the activities of The 500, Inc. have provided fertile opportunities for social contact and the formation of new friendsliips among citizens of similar interests.

Artfest is perhaps the most unique of The 5(X)’s three major annual fund raising functions. Held each May at Fair Park, Artfest provides an opportunity for more* than 250 selected artists to display their works under brightly striped tents around the lagoon. Family attendance is encouraged with five entertainment, music, clowns and children’s activities to keep the youngsters happy.

Over 2,000 volunteers under this year’s chairmen, Markand Mimi Smith, have been working for many months to makeArtfest ’85, to be held Friday May 24 through Sunday May 26, thebest one ever. That’s the Dallas way of doing things – winning atsomething and having fun in the process.


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