Greenville Avenue Trivia

Length of street, Bryan to LBJ: 8.2 miles

Drive time from LBJ to Ross, 8 am: 24 minutes

Drive time from Ross to LBJ, 5 pm: 36 minutes

Number of TV sets at Southfork: 35, plus six large video screens

Number of traffic lights: 18

Number of gas stations: 14

Number of convenience stores selling gasoline: 7

Number of restaurants/bars with outdoor seating: 7

Number of items on happy hour buffet at Confetti: 14

Twenty-four hour store open the longest: 7-11 at Greenville and Richmond, open around the clock since 1969

Strongest drink at the San Francisco Rose: Bill’s Tool Box, with equal parts vodka, bourbon, kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Creme and dark creme de cocoa

Oddest drink at TGI Friday’s: Andre the Peachlifter, a non-alcoholic drink of peaches, apples, coconut creme and lime juice. Oldest song on jukebox at Greenville Avenue Country Club: “Walking After Midnight” (1957) by Patsy Cline

Most expensive sunglasses at Tom Barrett Optical: Cazal sunglasses, $325

Cheapest meal at the Greenville Bar and Grill: egg salad sandwich, $2.75

Most expensive meal at the Seascape Inn: lobster, $16 per lb.

(Average order is two lb.)

Number of corny dogs sold at Fletcher’s per day: approximately 800

Number of pounds of squash sold at the Black-Eyed Pea on a Saturday night: 140

Number of oysters shucked at Aw Shucks on a Friday or Saturday night: 300 dozen

Number of brands of beer sold at Mimi’s: 105

Strangest yogurt at I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt: almond amaretto

Number of margaritas sold on a Friday night at Mariano’s: 100 gallons (frozen)

Number of times Jimmy Velvet has played at the Inner Circle: 775

Number of times Buster Brown has played at Popsicle Toes: 830

Average bar tab at Panteli’s: $7.50

Average bar tab at Acapulco Bar: $9.19

Average bar tab at Gershwin’s: $25

*Facts and figures as of March 31, 1985


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