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Travelers stuck between flights at D/FW International Airport are discovering a tempting alternative to bustling lobbies and crowded bars.

Air Vita Club Dallas at the Amfac Hotel & Resort offers the weary traveler an oasis of health, fitness and relaxation.

Air Vita isn’t just another health spa, say owners Bente Strong and Gayle Moeller. In addition to the usual amenities -steamroom, sauna, heated pool, exercise equipment and lockers-Air Vita also offers a quiet room where guests can nap. A masseuse will relax over-stressed customers, and bathrobes are also available.

Moeller says that a traveler can get a good 45-minute cardiovascular workout and still be able to catch the next flight. Or a customer can escape from the hassles of traveling, make phone calls or unwind at the juice bar.

The cost for a day at the spa is $15, but discounts are offered to hotel guests. So far, most customers have been traveling businessmen, says Moeller, but flight crews have started using the facilities.

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