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DALLAS City of Winners

By D Magazine |

Most elements of a modern city are designed lor speed,usefulness. accessibility, practicality, even excitement.recreation and entertainment. But most cities alsohaw one or two locations whose highest and best uses transcend frenetic activity and appeal to the more tranquil spires of the spirit – meditation. relaxation and the sheer joy which accompanies the contemplation of natural beauty.

Such a place is Turtle Creek. With luxurious homes and modern high rises Hanking her banks. she meanders modestly through the Park Cities and near north Dallas to keep her tryst with the Trinity River. On her way she sings a siren song which enmeshes many an eager citizen within her seductive curves.

Lows stroll her shores. Families picnic in the shade of her trees. Children learn the thrill of feeding ducks and geese.Wealthy families own estates which slope down to her edges.Developers erect apartments, town houses and condos which lookdown on her twisting ionise and are grateful to her lor their highoccupancy rail’s. Motorists find the morning and evening drives toand from home and office more pleasurable because of herpresence. The Dallas Symphony periodically bathes her beauty inBach and Beethoven.

Try to imagine Dallas without Untie Creek and we are immediately made to realize that an element which adds flavor; context, depth and richness to our daily lives is every bit as important to the vaunted Dallas lifeslyle as features measured by the more prosaic yardsticks of the marketplace.

How does one place a dollar \alue on the annual drama which unfolds each spring as the azaleas gradually approach flash point then overnight flare into flames of color perhaps more intense than any other display on natures palette?

Fortunately. our responsibility as citizens is simply to observe and appreciate. not to analyze.