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By Stephen Koff |

Newsweek chronicled their social business in New York. Now The Washingtonian has published a story on 1984’s biggest residential deals, and the publicity-shy Bass Brothers are in the limelight again: They bought the priciest house in Georgetown history. For $3 million, they now have the privilege of resting their weary heads where Ulysses S. Grant once slept. Layovers in Washington are not infrequent for the Basses, who are working on development deals in nearby Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Robert Bass “plans to furnish the house with pieces once owned by Grant and may someday convert it into a museum,” according to The Washingto-nian. “The ballroom and lavish living room of the Grant house are extraordinary by Georgetown standards. Although the Basses are known to value their privacy, they probably will be doing some entertaining. The brothers’ parents, Perry and Nancy Lee Bass, have already been guests at the White House.”

Living quarters at the Basses’ new place are reportedly a bit tight with only five bedrooms, but the brothers solved that minor problem before signing the papers. They bought the house next door as part of the deal.