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Sno Substitute

By D Magazine |

You can Freezy us and Frosty us and Slurpy us all over until we’re little more than melted mush, but what we said was, “We want a sno-cone!” The old-fashioned kind. In a cone. With rocky ice and enough sticky syrup to drown in. From someone friendly who doesn’t notice when you confuse color with flavor (“What flavor will you have?” Blue.) With about a zillion flavors to choose from. The kind that you can say: “Make mine a large green, and put a little chocolate on top.” That kind. Spelled any way you like. Is that so much to ask for?

Aunt Stelle’s Sno-Cones (No. 1), 3002 West Clarendon, Oak Cliff, 946-1431.

Aunt Stelle’s Snow-Cones (No. 2), 412 Main Street, 298-2144.

G&R Snowcone, 1330 South Buckner, 391-7924.

Old Ice House, 1714 W. Ran-dol Mill, Fort Worth, (817) 274-2723.

Out-of-Sight Sno Cone, 3024 East Illinois, Oak Cliff, 374-4833.

Snow-Cone Palace, 405 Marshall Plaza, 264-5970.

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