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Friday in the Park with Bill

By D Magazine |

What could be more sublime than a midsummer night’s eve spent in the company of the man who best understands what they’re all about? The Shakespeare Festival of Dallas and Fort Worth’s Shakespeare in the Park return this year as two of summer’s surest traditions. But wear comfortable clothes and take a picnic. Several gourmet shops, including Marty’s and Mirabelle here and the Wine Seller in Fort Worth, can even pack the picnic for you. Both festivals are free. Shakespeare in the Park stages Romeo and Juliet and Love’s Labour’s Lost; the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas presents Shogun Macbeth and Much Mo About Nothing.

If Shogun Macbeth doesn’t sound familiar, it shouldn’t. This year, the Shakespeare Festival is putting brand new wrinkles on the Bard by pre-miering an adaptation of the great tragedy, setting it squarely in feudal Japan.

Much Ado opens July 19 and plays on odd-numbered dates in July and even-numbered dates in August through August 4; Shogun Macbeth opens July 20, and plays on even-numbered dates in July and on odd-numbered dates in August through August 3. No performances on Mondays. 8:15 p.m. at the Band Shell, Fair Park.

Romeo and Juliet opens June 11 and plays on odd-numbered dates; Love’s Labour’s Lost opens June 12 and plays on even-numbered dates. No performances on Mondays. 8:30 p.m. at Trinity Park Playhouse.