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AS A DENTIST, I was quite interested in your article related to dentistry [“Like Pulling Teeth,” May, by W. L. Taitte]. Unfortunately, I found the article poorly informed, self serving and woefully inaccurate. The author took Dr. Chapman’s point of view as gospel. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Horizon Dental Centers are not a national chain. Rather, they are a local series of group practices owned and operated by Texas licensed dentists. Further, Horizon Dental Center does not employ dentists directly out of dental school. Of the five practitioners at the center, only one has less experience than Dr. Chapman.

Dentists at Horizon are paid on their productivity as Dr. Chapman is. But our doctors are not burdened with business and personnel problems and therefore are able to devote their full attention to performing quality dentistry. Our patients are treated with the same personal follow-up and concern for their well being as in any “private practice.” Our doctors meet most of their new patients by work of mouth [sic] referral. Once the relationship is established, the same doctor sees the same patient, as in any professional practice. We are very proud of our quality of care, both technically and personally.

Dr. Chapman may find it interesting that all of our doctors earn significantly more than he reported his earnings to be, and their wives are not forced to work.

Warren F. Me lamed, D.D.S.

Clinical Director

Horizon Dental


D MAGAZINE HAS unfairly condemned the pest control industry and unnecessarily frightened the public in its April issue [“Danger!”]. The bias of the author, Katherine Dinsdale, is obvious. The benefits of pest control to our society and lives were never mentioned or considered. The author may prefer life with the diseases spread by mosquitoes, flies and fleas, but I do not. Perhaps she would prefer to watch termites eating the equity in a house; fire ants attacking children; rodents chewing on electrical wiring; or cockroaches spreading filth and salmonella bacteria on food. I would not.

Pesticides are safe when applied properly. Thousands of homes and businesses are treated yearly in the Dallas area with beneficial results. There is no need to fear a qualified pest control professional in the home or business.

D Magazine readers would profit more by an honest evaluation of the benefits and risks of pest control. Misinformation due to poor research benefits no one. The public has a right to be informed and needs to be encouraged to ask questions of their pest control companies, but should not be frightened unnecessarily by isolated incidents in order to sell magazines. Nothing in our society is risk-free.

Larry Novy, Entomologist

T&O Exterminating Co. Inc.


Katherine Dinsdale replies: My article never advocated abandoning our homes to insects or banning all pesticides. As 1 said: “We aren’t suggesting you should give up pest control entirely. Roaches are inevitable, and termites, if given a balanced diet, will leave you homeless.” Of course, nothing is risk-free, but that shouldn’t keep homeowners from insisting that risks to their health be kept to an absolute minimum.


TREMMEL T-SHIRTS is located at 2804 Greenville Avenue, between The Grape and Cotton Island. We are the most innovative T-shirt shop in the “MetroMess,” and as much a part of the present character of Greenville Avenue as anyone. Our shop is only 160 square feet; therefore I will give you the benefit of the doubt that the reason you didn’t note our existence in your illustrated map of Greenville Avenue in the May issue of D Magazine was because (this is multiple choice): a) You can’t fit into our shop; b) We don’t have T-shirts big enough for you (we would be glad to special-order your size); c) You are un-American and don’t like T-shirts; d) None of the above.

T. J. Tremmel


Correction: In the Hawaii Special Section (April), we inadvertently omitted the information that Delta Air Lines recently inaugurated nonstop service to Honolulu.