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DALLAS- What do you get when you mix Dallas’ most popular pastimes with Dallas’ most mundane pastime? SUDS. Two Highland Park natives mixed food and drink with state-of-the-art laundry machines to come up with a combination laundromat-bar on Greenville Avenue.

Open only since late June, SUDS Laundry & Libations is the creation of brothers Ross and Bill Boorhem. Bill Boor-hem, the older of the two, is in the oil business, and says they picked the 6700 block of Upper Greenville for the location because it’s surrounded by apartment complexes and near SMU dormitories and fraternity houses.

“We’ll be one of the largest laundromats in the area,” Bill Boorhem says. “We have $160,000 invested in laundry equipment alone.” Not only does SUDS have 54 washing machines and 32 dryers, there’s a numbered light board hung over the bar inside the restaurant that tells you when your machine is finished. A glass partition separates the two areas to satisfy health codes and allow customers to keep an eye on their laundry. The average wash and dry cycle is a little more than an hour-plenty of time to sit down for a meal and drink.

Ross Boorhem operates the restaurant side of SUDS. He currently runs two of the four Feed Bag hamburger joints in Dallas.

SUDS is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to midnight, but it closes early on weekends. If you can’t wait for your laundry, drop it off and pick it up later.

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