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During his first term in office. Mayor A. Starke Taylor demonstrated that he was truly a representative of all the citizens of Dallas. The following excerpts from his second inaugural address upon re-election indicate that this continues to be his goal as a true servant of all the people of Dallas.
By D Magazine |

Serving all the people is a big job. We can’t always give instant satisfaction. But we should give instant attention.

In my 1983 inaugural remarks. I predicted we would be a “can do” council. A council that wouldn’t just talk about problems. but hit the ground running to solve them. And we did. During the past two years, we made quantum leaps in planning and transportation. We tackled issues that had plagued Dallas lor vears. We involved citizens in decision-making for Dallas. We recruited the private sector as a partner with City Hall. Our previous city council got results.

And I believe this new council can do even better. Let’s continue – and complete – the work already begun. Lets be alert to new needs, new demands on Dallas. Let’s be characterized as a “Pro-People Council”. A council in tune with the citizens it serves. Let’s communicate better with all Dallas. Let’s reach those alienated or apathetic citizens. Let’s prove their city government really cares.

As Mayor. I’m ready to lead this council in earning out the people’s mandate. I know we can do it … if we all work together. Each member brings a unique viewpoint. No one’s viewpoint should be reduced to a mere label. Pro-this group or anti-that group. Labels are for canned goods. Labels oversimplify. Too many important citywide issues face Dallas in 1985 Let’s not worry about labels. Instead, lets listen to the facts. Then vole for what’s best for all of Dallas.

Dallas should be confident but not complacent. We should be proud, but not smug, about our history of success. We should enjoy, but not take for granted, our present popularity among the nation’s big cities. We can’t afford to rely on our reputation alone. The fact is that Dallas is a desirable place to live. work, to go to school, raise a family, start a business. And this poses our greatest dilemma: how to maintain our economic momentum without losing the quality of life for each citizen.

As we work, let’s keep in mind the Psalm that says “Unless the Lord builds the house, their labor is in vain who builds it. Unless the Lord watches over the city, in vain that watchman keeps his vigil.” This city council must build a better city. This city council must watch over the quality of life for each citizen. With God’s help we will neither build nor watch in vain. Thank you all.

A. Starke Taylor,Jr., Mayor of Dallas Second Inaugural Address