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YOUR PATRONIZING remark, “Only the strong survive” [“A Decade in D,” 1975 section, October] is an insult to those of us who labored for a decade at Longfellow School; it is exactly the type of insensitivi-ty that killed it. You should have written, “Only the financially viable survive.”

Unfortunately, we could never translate our extracurricular wealth to the credit side of the ledger. We could not prop the doors open forever when fewer and fewer children were coming in because we could not make sense in dollars and cents. Those of us who were there-parents as well as children- cherish the memory of that place in time and the special people who so affected our lives.

Jane Greer



THIS IS IN reference to your recent anniversary issue’s “Inside Dallas” column and the abusive rape of the official Dallas Arts District logo for the sake of cute graphics.

As the designer of the logo, I am appalled at the lack of respect and the disconcern for integrity in the level of artistic license your art directors have shown in this instance. Although I no longer own the mark, I remain the creator and have been offended at this show of disrespect. This graphic abuse borders on libel, and I am embarrassed to admit that I had anything to do with the logo as it is represented in your magazine. If the mark offends your art directors, let them say so in print or offer a better solution. That’s their privilege, but they have no right to alter a logo or trademark to suit their whims.

Courtney Rhodes

Courtney Rhodes Design


Editor’s Note: D regrets that two horizontal lines from the Arts District logo were inadvertently cut off during the layout and design of October’s “Inside Dallas.”


THUMBS DOWN to you for not including the names of the architects responsible for the Dallas buildings honored by the Texas Society of Architects’ 20 most architecturally significant buildings competition [“Inside Dallas,” October], When you writers write of literature, you always cite the author; all too often, when you write of architecture, it is as if it’s immaculately conceived.

Julia Ousley

Lassiter, Ousley and Associates



AS LONG AS we’re looking back at D’s past, I was sorry to see no mention of several very important D people [“Write, Now,” October]. First of all, two very formidable editors: Lindsay Heinsen and Wade Left-wich. I’ve never worked with more talented people. Lindsay is now arts and entertainment editor of The Dallas Morning News. Wade went on to be managing editor of Houston City and Sport, and when I last heard was doing free-lance editing for Texas Monthly.

And I think some of the design people who made D look good should have been mentioned, particularly Carol Burke, Woody Pirtle and Fred Woodward, not to mention the only people on your staff I worked with, Cathy Cox and Jeff Stanton.

And I was glad to see some of the writers-Atkinson, Bauer, Dillon and Stite-ler-get their dues. But I also had the pleasure of working with Jo and Willem Brans, Robert and Susan Hoffman, Marshall Terry, Willard Spiegelman, Joe Holley, Tracy Curts, Gail Garvie, Jerry Flemmons, Jane Allbritton, Jane Sumner and a lot of others I’m sure I’ll be embarrassed to realize I’ve forgotten to mention.

Anyway, felicitations from someone who was involved in about half of D’s history and can’t believe it’s been 10 years.

Charles Matthews

Managing Editor

West magazine

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