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Meet Hearoid, the most sophisticated robot of its kind, who will actually respond to your voice. Teach him to bring you breakfast in bed or afternoon tea, to retrieve the morning paper or serve hors d’oeuvres at your next dinner party. Hearoid will even work in your absence-his complex memory can execute a program any time within a 24-hour period. $399 (plus $8.50 for shipping and handling). Sharper Image, 1-800-344-4444.

The snazziest new stereo component around bears little resemblance to the turntables and cassette players of old. For the purest musical reproduction available, the compact disc eliminates distortion and won’t warp. Now Sony brings compact disc players to our dashboards. Sony CDX-5, $600 (plus $35 for installation). Stereo Dallas, 13020 Preston Road (392-0166).

Too tired to flip through your Rolodex? Okay-just press the letter you ’re looking for and watch the numbers come to you. Electronic Phone Index, $26.95. Brookstone, NorthPark (368-0473) and Valley View (788-0514).

The Japanese have done it again. Due out on the market next month is the Sony Mini-8 Camcorder (top). The size of a paperback book, this recorder/ player instantly monitors what you ’re shooting (it also incorporates state-of-the-art audio) and has the capability for direct TV hookup. $1,800. All Videoland locations.

It’s a boat, it’s a plane, it’s a supertoy that can be made into 100 different land and water action configurations. Snap together a steamboat that actually shoots water, a cable car that flies across a wire or this motorized crane. Capsela 1000, $79.95. Chad’s Rainbow, 12300 Inwood (387-1133).

Imagine sitting on an airplane, typing memos or preparing budgets and then sending the data back to the office, where it can be reviewed and returned for your approval. This new portable computer, the Tandy 200, weighs just under 5 pounds and fits neatly into a briefcase. $999 (includes carrying case). Radio Shack, Plaza of the Americas (969-0050).