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By D Magazine |

There’s evidence they love it to the tune of 277,000 copies. We hear authors John Bloom and Jim Atkinson are smiling because the soft-cover version of their Texas murder tale Evidence of Love was in its fourth printing by mid-June, only a month after the first 220,000 copies were distributed nationally to bookstores by Bantam Books. A representative from the publishing company says that’s not unusual, but it’s certainly a good sign that the book is a hit. It has sold particularly well in Texas and made the best seller list of both the B. Dalton and Waldenbooks stores.

There’s good news for chili rice lovers. Culinary institution Shanghai Jimmy has spent the last few months looking for someone who might give him some space so he could cook and sell his chili rice the way he likes to do it. He found a home in a new health food restaurant, Dessert Dreams, that’s owned by a fan of Jimmy’s, Mary O’Brien. There’s one catch. O’Brien doesn’t sell meat, so in keeping with the theme, Jimmy uses vegetables in his chili instead of meat.

Johnny Simons’ staging of the outrageous R. Crumb Comix just might “keep on truckin” all the way to New York, if audience response to Fort Worth’s Hip Pocket Theater’s summer production is any indication of the musical’s chance for success off-Broadway. Since Crumb, the infamous cartoonist of the Sixties, brought his menagerie of oddball characters (Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat & Co.) to the Fort Worth stage, so many regional theaters have expressed interest in the production that there’s a good chance the troupe will take the musical to New York next year, says Roscoe Martinez, who along with the Salt Lick Foundation created the music. Although Crumb tested the First Amendment to the limit, only one person walked out on his stinging commentary.