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In breathless anticipation of sushi fajitas, a glance back at where we’ve been
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Vodka, scotch, bourbon, rum, gin, Harvey Wallbanger (1967)

Vodka, scotch, bourbon, rum, sloe gin, screwdriver, daiquiri (1972)

Daiquiri, strawberry daiquiri, pina colada (1977)

Strawberry daiquiri, peach daiquiri, banana daiquiri, rutabaga daiquiri,Moosehead beer (1980)

“Just water, thanks, I’m on coke.”(1981)

Perrier, Cuervo Gold Margarita (1982)

Artesia, with a twist (1983)

Vodka, scotch, bourbon, rum, gin (1984)

“Lime Perrier, thanks, I’m on Ecstasy. And your shirt is so blue.”(1985)


Shrimp Cocktail (1965)

Looked good with martinis.

Pu-Pu Platter (1972)

A facet of our Trader Vic’s phase.

Escargots (1975)

Daring. And French to boot.

Paté” (1977)

Impressive because so many people didn’t like it.

Fried Zucchini (1978)

Fun, fun, fun.

Potato Skins (1979)

Last gasp from the baby boomers.

Smoked Salmon (1980)

Fashionably pink. Fashionably light.

Fried Cheese (1982)

More excessive than potato skins.

Marinated Calamari (1983)

Behind its exotic name lurks the never-spoken word s-q-ud.

Fried Peppers (1985)

Simple. Looks good witb martinis or Lime Perrier


Beef Wellington (1966)

Complicated and fancy. Anyone remember?

Trout Amandine (1970)

Frencby and elegant.

Chicken Salad (1976)

Not just for the ladies who lunch.

Quiche Lorraine (1977)

Frenchier still.

Deep Dish Pizza (1978)

More of a good thing.

Soup and Salad (1978)

Health rears its ugly bead.

Ham and Cheese Omelette (1979)

And you can do it at borne, too!

Swiss Cheese-Cheddar Cheese-Spinach-Pepper-Mushroom-Rutabaga Omelette (1979)

We never know when to stop.

Chef’s Salad (1980)

For the glutton on a diet.

Taco Salad (1981)

For the Mexican-food glutton pretending to be on a diet. Cold Pasta Salad (1982)

If it was lunch, it was cold pasta salad.

Veal Medallions in Currant Sauce with Snow Peas and Radish Butter (1983)

Hello, nouvelle. Small portions, fresh ingredients, weird mixes, high prices.

Sushi (1983)

Raw fish? Will Dallas get it?

Mesquite-grilled Fajitas (1983)

Can there be that many Mesquite trees in the world?

Gourmet Pizza (1984)

California dreamin.’

Chicken Salad Croissant (1984)

Pity the chicken. Know that the French pity us.

Blackened Redfish (1985)

Thanks, New Orleans.

Blackened you-name-it (1985)

Enough already.

Black-eyed Pea Casserole with Jalapeno Corn Bread (1985)

For this we’re eating out?


Strawberries Jubilee (1964)

Extravagant and rich.

Baked Alaska (1967)

Extravagant and riche.

Chocolate Mousse (1973)

Elegant, but unabashedly chocolate.

Cheesecake (1976)

Rich, sweet, rich. Considered New Yorky.

Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry Cheesecakes (1979)

When in doubt, add more.

Ice Cream Pie (1980)

Childhood fantasy for adults.

Walnut, Hazelnut, Amaretto and

White Chocolate Cheesecakes (1982)

And more.

Lemon Sorbet (1983)

Light, pretty, foreign. Doesn’t get in the way of aerobics.

Lemon Ice (1984)

Same as lemon sorbet, but unpretentiously American.

Jalapeno Ice (1985)

Shocking and homegrown. -T.A.