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The trivia quiz of the decade
By Tom Peeler |

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY issues may not seem like a lot to you, but you didn’t have to meet all those deadlines. By city magazine standards, D is graying around the temples. We have gleaned from those 10 dozen issues the choicest challenges and the most tantalizing tidbits. The commended and condemned, the serious and the silly, they’re all here. We now present the milestones of D. . ..and the embarrassments.

Who was the sexiest woman? The last honest politician? Who serves the best grilled cheese? What is it that Yankees don’t like about Dallas? For the readers of D, here it is-the D magazine trivia quiz, the quiz of the decade.

1. The rhetorical question is a populardevice used by magazine cover designers tostir further interest. What was the first question to appear on the cover of D

A. Should Your Child Attend a PrivateSchool?

B. Whatever Happened to the GreatLand Boom?

C. Is John Schoellkopf the Answer?

D. Will Success Spoil Clay Smothers?

2. Who came up with the name “D”?

A. Wick Allison

B. Richard Freling

C. Jerrie Smith

D. Wes Wise

3. Who was featured in the April 1979 issueas “The Last Honest Politician?”

A. Roy Orr

B. Woodie Woods

C. Max Goldblatt

D. Bruce Alger

4. The inaugural issue of D listed three of thefollowing figures as the most powerful menin Dallas. Who among the following waslisted as “overrated?”

A. James Aston

B. Ross Perot

C. John Stemmons

D. Robert Cullum

5. What was the new emporium of hautecuisine, reviewed in December 1974, thatwas tagged as a serious threat to the preeminence of the Pyramid Room?

A. Dynasty

B. Oz

C. Chateaubriand

D. Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse

6. Where were the keys finally found in1983’s Great Cadillac Treasure Hunt?

A. In the tiger’s cage at the MarsalisPark Zoo.

B. In the fountain at NorthPark.

C. Behind the AAA Vacuum Cleaner Co.

D. In Mayor Starke Taylor’s vegetable garden, under a turnip

7. The sequential designation of D volumeswas inadvertently changed after three issuesrather than the customary 12, and everyissue since has carried the wrong number.

A. True

B. False

8. The first D cover featured an artisticdepiction of a poker hand. What was thehand?

A. Four aces and a joker

B. Aces and eights

C. Full house, kings over jacks

D. Four clubs showing, a diamond inthe hole

9. In a 1975 peek at the paychecks of well-known Dallasites, who in this group madethe most money?

A. Jeff Burroughs, Texas Rangers outfielder

B. Jim Collins, U.S. congressman

C. Calvin Hill, Dallas Cowboys running back

D. Alex Bickley, Dallas city attorney

10. The first restaurant reviewed by D, whichwas called “The Magazine of Dallas” whenit started, was an establishment in anothercity. What was the restaurant?

A. Cattleman’s, Fort Worth

B. Durham House, Waxahachie

C. Johnny Cace’s, Longview

D. Leslie’s Chicken Shack, Waco

11. In a daring feature in the May 1975 issue,D listed “Ten Reasons Why The RangersWill Win The Pennant.” Who among thefollowing was not one of the reasons?

A. BradCorbett

B. Willie Davis

C. Lenny Randle

D. David Clyde

12. By the May 1979 issue, there had been nopennants, but at least the Rangers seemed to be having more fun. All but one of the following were listed in D as “all-flake” that year. Which one came later?

A. Jim Kern

B. Mickey Rivers

C. Oscar Gamble

D. Sparky Lyle

13. Who was featured in October 1979 as the”Playboy of the Western World”?

A. Bill Blackburn

B. Billy Bob Harris

C. Hollywood Henderson

D. Shanghai Jimmy

14. A 1979 feature on “Poor Man’s Justice”recounted the acquittal rate of a Dallas attorney who had defended more than 700clients as a court-appointed counsel. Whatwas the rate?

A. 88%

B. 8.8%

C. 8%

D. .8%

15. In 1983, the magazine featured “DallasFirsts.” Who was Dallas’ first league-leading pro rusher?

A. Don Perkins

B. Amos Marsh

C. Abner Haynes

D. Buddy Young

16. What establishment was noted in 1982 ashaving the city’s best pifia colada?

A. Trader Vic’s

B. The Palm Bar

C. Cafe Pacific

D. The Crazy Crab

17. Who was named in 1975 as the most likely to succeed in Republican politics?

A. Alan Steelman

B. Tom Pauken

C. Steve Bartlett

D. Al Lipscomb

18. A 1975 issue featured “100 Ideas to Make Dallas a Better Place.” All but one of the following was on the list. Which one was not?

A. A downtown sports arena

B. A new library

C. A warehouse historical district

D. The Woodall Rodgers Freeway

19. Which brand was the winner of D’s first beer-tasting contest?

A. Anchor Steam

B. Watney’s Red Barrel

C. Dos Equis

D. Southern Select

20. In 1975, an article by Dick Hitt featured” The 10 Sexiest Women in Dallas.” All but one of the following were on the list. Who wasn’t?

A. Stormy Meadows

B. Lee Clark

C. Heather Emrick

D. Annette Strauss

21. By 1977, D had focused on a single local female as Dallas’ sexiest woman. In the interview, Chantal Westerman offered her own opinion as to what is sexy and what isn’t. Chantal listed all but one of the following as sexy. Which one did she designate as “definitely not sexy?”

A. Fettuccine

B. Spanish wine

C. Double-knit pants

D. The New York Times on Sundaymorning.

22. When D handed out report cards on theDallas legislators in 1975, who got thehighest marks?

A. Jim Mattox

B. Ray Hutchison

C. Oscar Mauzy

D. Sam Hudson

23. What veteran state legislator was identified in the June 1979 issue as “living proofthat practice does not make perfect?”

A. Ike Harris

B. Betty Andujar

C. Doyle Willis

D. Chris Semos

24. A 1975 story featured a longtime localrestaurateur who delighted in gluing saltshakers to the dining tables and watching little old ladies struggle. Name the fun lover.

A. Joe Campisi

B. Harvey Goff

C. Joe T. Garcia

D. Jean Claude Prevot

25. What establishment received a rave review in March 1976 for its marvelousgrilled cheese sandwich?

A. Brasserie

B. Lucas B&B

C. The Old Warsaw

D. H.L. Green

26. Who was featured in a 1976 cover story as having the toughest job in Dallas?

A. Carl Thomas, sheriff of DallasCounty

B. Billy Martin, manager of the TexasRangers

C. Nolan Estes, superintendent of Dallas public schools (DISD)

D. Bobby Ray Huddleston, traffic officer at Texas Stadium

27. What was contributing editor Tom Steph-enson’s most trying moment in putting together the 1976 story on the bungling of theBlue Mound murder case?

A. Trying to negotiate a reasonable feewith the D editors

B. When his 6-year-old son used pages4 through 9 of his manuscript tomake paper airplanes

C. When he was thrown in jail by theBlue Mound chief of police

D. Trying to find Blue Mound

28. In a 1976 story on where to park cheaply in downtown Dallas, what was the rate forcovered parking in the 1900 block of BryanStreet?

A. $1.50

B. $3.50

C. $5.50

D. $7.50

29. In a 1979 feature on kids, three of thefollowing items were definitely in the classof “neat stuff.” Which one was not

A. Volcano Rocks

B. Hermit crabs

C. Mork from Ork suspenders

D. Snoopy pencil sharpeners

30. What SMU alumnus later became afamous wrestler?

A. Fritz Von Erich

B. Ming the Merciless

C. The Mad Methodist

D. Willis Tate

31. Who or what was the subject of the 1980 feature on “Arlington’s White Elephant?”

A. The Texas Rangers

B. The Dallas/Fort Worth Turnpike

C. Seven Seas Amusement Park

D. Tom Vandergriff

32. Name the subject of the scathing attack by Wick Allison on “Publisher’s Page” in the November 1978 issue.

A. The School Board

B. The City Council

C. The Commissioners’ Court

D. A man in a red shirt who abandoned a black puppy in Cole Park

33. What was the subject of “The Hardest Thing I Ever Had to Sell,” a 1975 feature by Stanley Marcus?

A. His and her submarines

B. Sale of the company to Carter Hawley Hale

C. Mrs. Marcus’ secondhand Edsel

D. A book about himself

34. In a 1975 article, three of the following were identified as people who would make a good mayor. Who was not so identified?

A. William Clements

B. Ralph Rogers

C. Robert Strauss

D. Robert Folsom

35. What was found by D to be the top-selling spirit in Dallas in 1975?

A. Vodka

B. Scotch

C. Bourbon

D. Tequila

36. In a sidelight to A.C. Greene’s 1976classic, “Social Climbing in Dallas,” threeof the following were listed as Dallas hostesses that you couldn’t say no to. Who wasnot on the list?

A. Billie Marcus

B. Margaret McDermott

C. Ruth Stemmons

D. Greer Garson Fogelson

37. Who was listed in another adjunct to thesocial-climbing feature as having the personalized auto tags “FAT DAD”?

A. Bob Dedman

B. Toddie Lee Wynne

C. George Allen

D. John Leedom

38. Three of the following were social-climbing no-no’s. Which of the followingwas not taboo?

A. Serving rosé wine

B. Shopping at Titche’s for underwear

C. Running for public office and losing

D. Lunching at Sam and Pete’s

39. The first Thumbs Up award was given toSheriff Clarence Jones in 1976 for hisstraightforward answer to the question ofwhy he wanted to be sheriff. What was hisanswer?

A. “I need the work.”

B. “So I can carry a gun.”

C. “I don’t like bad guys.”

D. “I’m afraid I don’t have a real goodanswer.”

40. What was voted “best local TV show”in the 1977 list of Bests and Worsts?

A. 4 Country Reporter

B. Newsroom

C. Bowling for Dollars

D. The Dale Milford Report

41. In “Remembering Louann’s,” a 1977reminiscence of the landmark Dallas dancehall, whose band was recalled as being thegreatest draw in the club’s history?

A. Woody Herman’s

B. Kay Kyser’s

C. Antal Dorati’s

D. Lawrence Welk’s

42. Who was featured in 1980 as being the”Most Powerful Texan in Washington”?

A. John Connally

B. George Bush

C. Jim Wright

D. Diron Talbert

43. What was the subject of the 1980 “Slip into something sexy” advertisement?

A. A Hanky Panky slip at the Gazebo

B. Fashion eyewear by Optique Classique

C. A redwood hot tub from CaliforniaSpas

D. A Scirocco from Billy Barrett Volkswagen

44. In 1977, D featured the “Nine Most Powerful Women in Dallas/Fort Worth,” including three of the following. Who was noton the list?

A. Sarah T. Hughes

B. Adlene Harrison

C. Ruth Carter Johnson

D. Rita Clements

45. Who was pictured in a 1977 feature on pets holding “a silky terrier that won’t eat dog food?”

A. Mary Kay Ash

B. Elsie Faye Heggins

C. Mickey Mantle

D. Roger Maris

46. In “The Law and Henry Wade,” it was revealed that the prosecutor’s manual gave certain tips on potential jurors who should be avoided. People in only one of the following classes were deemed acceptable by prosecutors. Which class?

A. Fat people

B. Young women

C. Old women with heavy makeup

D. Biased hypocrites

47. In “Guess What’s Coming With Dinner,” a 1977 look behind the kitchen doors of Dallas’ dirtiest restaurants, a number of shocking findings by city health inspectors were revealed. On a positive note, however, one restaurant was noted for having been given a perfect score for cleanliness. What restaurant was it?

A. Highland Park Cafeteria

B. Phil’s Delicatessen

C. Randy Tar

D. Jack-in-the-Box

48. Who was featured in 1977 as “The Most Underrated Player in Football”?

A. Preston Pearson

B. Butch Johnson

C. Charlie Waters

D. Margene Adkins

49. In “The Yankees are Coming,” a featurein 1978, D listed the things that Yankees don’tlike about local habits and tastes. Three ofthe following items were on the list. Whichitem was not?

A. Lone Star beer

B. Catfish

C. Bourbon

D. Cream gravy

50. In 1978, U.S. Congressman Jim Collinsearned the Thumbs Down award for his proposal that Texas secede from the union andthat he be named president of the newrepublic.

A. True

B. False

51. As a result of a “serious editorial rift” onthe staff of D, Interstate Wrecking Co.received both the Thumbs Up and ThumbsDown awards in 1978 for the demolition ofthe Chicken Ranch.

A. True

B. False

52. What was the title of the 1979 feature onthe best country-music lyrics?

A. “Drop-kick me Jesus, through thegoal posts of life”

B. “If I said you had a beautiful body,

would you hold it against me?”

C. “I don’t know whether to kill myself,or go bowling “

D. “She stepped on my heart, and stompedthat sucker flat”

53. What was Bill Mack’s reaction to beingnamed “Worst Disc Jockey” in 1979?

A. He named D “Worst Magazine” in1980.

B. He quit his job to become a truckdriver.

C. He double-parked a 12-wheeler inthe D parking lot.

D. He subscribed to the magazine.

54. What was the subject of the 1979 feature”Boom Town?”

A. Piano

B. Addison

C. Arlington

D. Glen Rose

55. In 1979, D passed sentence on the Dallasjudges. Who was named best judge?

A. John Vance

B. Dee Brown Walker

C. Snowden Leftwich

D. Garry Weber

56. Frank X. Tolbert was featured in a 1978story on some of Dallas’ most peculiar characters. Tolbert, who became famous for his chili, said he was actually prouder of another concoction. What was it?

A. Armadillo pie

B. Crawfish crepes

C. Gawdawful goulash

D. Son-of-a-bitch stew

57. In the “Unauthorized History of Dallas,”which appeared in D in 1980, it was recalledthat Dallas was the leading market in theworld in 1875 for what product?

A. Barbed wire

B. Buggy whips

C. Buffalo hides

D. Boll weevils

58. What was the subject of “The CountryClub,” a 1980 feature?

A. Prestonwood

B. Colonial

C. Bent Tree

D. The Seagoville Penitentiary

59. The first D travel story was on MineralWells, Texas.

A. True

B. False

60. A 1980 feature traced the history ofDallas street names. Following his historicflight across the Atlantic, the people ofDallas named a street for Charles Lindbergh. Because of anger over his sympathieswith Germany just before World War II, thestreet was renamed. What is it called now?

A. Greenville

B. Skillman

C. Gus Thomasson

D. Harry Hines

61. In a 1980 feature called “RestaurantRoulette,” the tribulations of trying to makea go of it in one of the city’s most fickle industries were recounted. What was the nameof the elite restaurant at Union Terminal thatdidn’t make it?

A. All Aboard

B. The Tin Lizzie

C. The Paradise

D. Jubilee

62. In 1980, mail order magnate Roger Hor-chow listed his 25 biggest mistakes. Threeof the following were on the list. Which onewas not?

A. Don’t assume people are honest.

B. Don’t assume people are dishonest.

C. Don’t hire your friends.

D. Don’t hire your enemies.

63. Who was recognized in D in 1980 for thebest Groucho Marx imitation?

A. Brad Sham

B. Tom Landry

C. Harold Taft

D. Dick Motta

64. In the “Millionaire’s Handbook,” whichappeared in 1981, it was revealed that the colloquial name for St. Michaels and All Angels Episcopal Church was “St. Minks and All Cadillacs.”

A. True

B. False

65. In “Dallas’ Worst Gossip Exposed,” a1981 feature, D reported the findings of aprivate detective hired to shadow Times Herald society columnist Julia Sweeney for a week. Ms. Sweeney’s garbage was even subjected to scrutiny. What was found?

A. An empty quart bottle of Thunder-bird wine.

B. An empty gallon jug of Old Smuggler scotch.

C. 37 empty cans of Busch Bavarian beer.

D. An empty 6-ounce can of Tree Top apple juice.

66. In “Belt Line Bonanza,” a 1981 story, itwas revealed that more people lived in Ad-dison in 1900 than in 1970.

A. True

B. False

67. Whose picture was on the cover of theSeptember 1981 issue, which featured thestory “Broadcast Battleground”?

A. Ron Chapman

B. Gordon McLendon

C. Wolfman Jack

D. Dr. Johnny Fever

68. The 1981 story on the local radio scenerevealed the real names of several wellknown deejays. What is Cat Simon’s realname?

A. Frank Frank

B. Cloyd Moll

C. Victor Piles

D. Jimmy Rabbit

69. Who was featured in the 1981 story “IsBig Daddy Really Back?”

A. Jim Ling

B. Lamar Muse

C. “Too Tall” Jones

D. Stanislas Slawik

70. In a daring, perhaps foolhardy feature in1982, D went out on a limb to name the 12best restaurants in Dallas and Fort Worth.Only one of the following made the list.Which one?

A. Calluauds

B. Les Saisons

C. La Vieille Varsovie

D. Kincaid’s Grocery

71. In 1982, associate editor Amy Cunningham went undercover for a D feature. What role did she play while researching the story?

A. A Cedar Springs prostitute

B. An unwed mother

C. A cocaine user

D. A waitress at Billy Bob’s

72. In “What Makes a Tough DivorceLawyer?” several attributes for success werelisted, including three of the following.Which attribute was not deemed necessary?

A. Guile

B. Cunning

C. Nastiness

D. Erudition

73. In a 1982 feature on the history of theTexas State Fair, it was recalled that one ofthe early attractions was a woman namedPhoebe Mozee. What was Phoebe’s stagename?

A. Annie Oakley

B. Sally Rand

C. Calamity Jane

D. Sarah Bernhardt

74. In 1983, the award for “Best ParkingSign” went to Osburn’s Furniture Store, aneighbor of Campisi’s pizza parlor, forthe warning “Violators Risk Indigestion.”

A. True

B. False

75. In a 1979 feature, it was revealed thatDallas theme restaurant kingpin Gene Streetgot his start as a teen-ager serving fresh rollsto patrons at Jay’s Marine Grill on HallStreet.

A. True

B. False

76. Of all the articles that have ever appearedin D, which one generated the mostcomplaints?

A. “Social Climbing in Dallas”

B. “Crime in North Dallas”

C. “Guess What’s Coming with Dinner”

D. “Bad Times at Braniff”


l. A 26. C 52. C

2. C 27. C 53. D

3. B 28. A 54. D

4. B 29. D 55. A

5. B 30. A 56. D

6. C 31. C 57. C

7. A 32. D 58. D

8. C 33. D 59. B

9. D 34. D 60. B

10. A 35. A 61. C

11. D 36. D 62. D

12. B 37. B 63. A

13. B 38. D 64. A

14. D 39. D 65. A

15. C 40. C 66. A

16. D 41. D 67. D

17. C 42. C 68. B

18. D 43. D 69. B

19. C 44. D 70. D

20. B 45. C 71. D

21. C 46. D 72. D

22. B 47. C 73. A

23. C 48. C 74. A

24. B 49. A 75. B

25. D 50. A 76. D

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