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By D Magazine |

Thumbs Down to Dallas City Councilman Craig Hol-comb for sponsoring and to the Dallas City Council for twice annroving a measure that allows the Dallas Police Department to sell 404 used police guns (worth up to $40,000) to licensed gun dealers. Ironically, the first measure passed a few hours after the Citizens/Police Relations Board asked the city to restrict handgun sales. The second measure, which was approved a week later, eliminated a clause that would also have allowed the sale of many of the 8,000 guns that police confiscated in 1983. Now, only antique, collectible, surplus and obsolete police guns can be sold, and all must be approved by Dallas Police Chief Billy Prince. “This is nothing more than some equipment of the City of Dallas that has to disposed of,” says Councilman Jim Hart. “It doesn’t have anything to do with the crime rate.” D agrees with Councilman Max Goldblatt’s evaluation of the measure: “I think it’s obscene.”