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By Maggie Oman |


It’s time to sound the whistle for a culinary item that may not be steeped in tradition, but is nonetheless well worth taking note of: a sturdy teakettle that whistles while it works. Created by Chantal with a Hohner harmonica set into the spout, it’s covered with chip-resistant enamel with a stainless steel handle designed to stay cool. It’s sure to strike a responsi\e chord among kitchen aficionados-for now even the simplest cooking task will be music to your ears. It’s $49.50 at Williams-Sonoma, Galle-ria, 13350 Dallas Parkway; Mon-Fri10-9, Sat 10-6; 960-7575; and 51 Highland Park Village; Mon-Sat 10-6; 696-0348.


When this spring’s rain starts todampen your spirits, why not trythis watertight way to brave theelements With a smile? Facingstormy weather will be a breeze inthis raincoat with a New Wavetouch. Made of clear vinyl, it hastwo sealed doublelayer pockets that hold not only/our keys or change, but also surprise: plastic fish swimming happily in a swell of blue-tinted water. Available in sizes for both children and adults, city slickers of all ages will be hooked on the novelty.. and you won’t have to fish for compliments. It’s $l2at Over the Rainbow, 5930 Royal Lane. Mon-Sat 9:30-5. 692-8250.


For centuries, the beauty of stained glass has enchanted and inspired even the most heathen of us. Restore these divine feelings by dressing your windows in colorful panels that will capture the spirit of spring year-round. Taking his cue from this age-old art (but not his materials), Dallas craftsman Ben January creates one-of-a-kind window art using acrylic, which is more lightweight and durable, allows more flexibility in design and is less expensive. January specializes in custom work, too-examples of his prowess light up local homes and shopping centers, as well as a number of Bonanza steakhouses nationwide. Whether you have an original design or your eyes alight upon a work that’s already been created, now any window in your home can offer a picturesque view every day. At Stain de Glas, 3607 McKinney. Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-3. 521-9818.


If temporary or chronic back pain has you running back and forth in search of relief, here’s a new concept you’ll want to support: The Back Place, a specialty store catering exclusively to those with back problems. Created last year and financed. by investors such as Lee Trevino,and Paula” Stringer (as well as several doctors), the store carries all sorts of items-from massaging pillows to therapeutic braces–that are guaranteed to soothe. Best of all, the staff includes knowledgeable professionals (Leland Duyck, vice president and operations manager, is a licensed physician’s assistant), who will bend over backwards to help you find just the item you need for quick comfort. The Back Place, Quorum Two Shopping Center, 4930 Belt Line. Mon-Wed and Fri & Sat 10-6, Thur 10-8. 239-239


For light-hearted home decorators partial to the playful, here’s a new creature comfort sure to make you glow: an electric lamp with a hand-painted ceramic shade designed to make lighting your pet project. We’ve all heard of “goose-neck” lamps, but there are other shady characters you can choose from-including a penguin, a flamingo and a dragon. Available in both table and floor sizes, these lamps will shed a whole new light on the subject. Table lamp $45, floor lamp $59 at Bright Ideas, 4930 Belt Line, 960-2728; 388 Lincoln Square Village in Arlington, metro 261-7072; and 4121 Lomo Alto, 522-7767. Mon-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5.