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Dallas/Fort Worth Top Developers

Ranked by construction starts in 1983
By Emily Freeman Pinkston |

AFTER THE RELATIVE lull that lasted through much of 1982, construction starts in 1983 picked up markedly, with 10 development companies starting just over $1 billion worth of new office, retail and industrial projects.

The ranking is based on numbers submitted by the developers and frequently represent projected costs for projects begun in 1983 but not necessarily completed. Variations in square-foot costs (total cost divided by total square footage) frequently represent the vast differences in project location and finish-out. Some companies may rank lower than anticipated because their 1983 energies and capital were concentrated on projects already under way in 1983 or on projects outside the Metroplex.

Residential starts for both single-family and multi-family development are given in terms of the number of units rather than total square footage. Costs of single family projects are omitted because home builders typically keep annual records in terms of house closings rather than project starts.