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Al’s. 8209 Park Lane. 363-3778. Variety of international foods, emphasizing Italian, Greek and Lebanese.

Antone’s. 4234 Harry Hines. 528-5291. Variety of international foods, emphasizing Middle Eastern specialties.

Asia Imports. 130 Preston Valley Shopping Center. 233-1715. Oriental specialties.

Cappello’s. 3320 N. Hampton. 638-4797. Italian specialties.

Cheese House. 6077 Forest Lane, 239-7051; 6137 Berkshire Lane, 361-7151. A variety of cheeses and sandwiches is available; whole coffee beans can be ground in the store.

Cheese Shop. Prestonwood Town Center, 5301 Belt Line, 233-9964; 2028 Promenade Center, 238-8957; 68 Highland Park Village, 521-1731. International and domestic cheeses, wine and imported beer, homemade dips. Fresh bagels and pasta available once a week.

Christy’s Fish Market. 6139 Berkshire Lane. 368-1395. Family-owned for 35 years, this market sells fresh fish and homemade sauces, among other things.

Clark’s Fine Foods. 6901 Snider Plaza. 368-0931. Fresh produce and meats are the specialty here. Gourmet foods can also be found.

DiPalma. 1520 Greenville. 824-4500. Brightly decorated store featuring many gourmet and international foods. Emphasis is on Italian specialties, including fresh pasta.

Fanners Meat Market. 912 S. Harwood. 742-5453. Variety of meats, including heavy beef sides, steaks, ham and bacon.

Fisher’s. 4260 Oak Lawn. 526-7251. Landmark gourmet food store in an old-time grocery setting. Services available include grocery delivery and catering.

Fredrix Fresh Foods. 15203 Knoll Trail. 386-0799. Extensive meat and fish departments, with homemade sausages.

Fresh Approach. 417 Preston Valley Shopping Center. 934-8065. Features high-quality fresh produce, meats and bakery items.

Goodies from Goodman. 12102 In wood. 387-4804. Variety of gourmet foods, including exotic fruits and vegetables; fresh meat market.

Hampton’s Seafood Market. 801 S. Pearl Expressway. 742-4668. Every kind of fresh seafood imaginable is here. A light lunch with limited seating is also available.

Hans Mueller Retail Market. 2459 Southwell. 241-2793. Complete selection of fine German sausages and meats.

Hernandez Fine Foods. 2120 Alamo. 742-2533. Little Mexico’s most popular and authentic food store.

Jung’s. 2519 N. Fitzhugh. 827-7653. Oriental specialties.

Kuby’s. 6601 Snider Plaza. 363-2231. Variety of international foods, emphasizing meats and sausages.

La Francaise Bakery. 105 White Rock North, 341-6365; 65 Highland Park Village, 526-4110. Everything here is made with real butter. Excellent Danishes and chocolate croissants. Fresh breads available.

La Madeleine. 3072 Mockingbird. 696-6960. One of Dallas’ newest and best bakeries, offering several kinds of French bread and a variety of pastries. A light lunch-croissant sandwiches and salads-is served daily.

Le Delice. 420 Sakowitz Village on the Parkway. 239-2212. European food specialties. Pasta, spices and bakery items available.

Marty’s. 3316 Oak Lawn. 526-4070. In-town’s leading wine, liquor, meat, seafood and exotic produce store.

Mendez Grocery. 3725 McKinney. 521-5451. Mexican and Spanish specialties.

Mirabelle.74 Highland Park Shopping Village. 528-7589. Haute cuisine to go. Pate’s, pasta salads, entrées, freshly baked cookies and muffins. They also offer catering services.

Pasta Plus.225 Preston Royal East. 373-3999. Homemade pasta of all shapes and sizes, with sauces to go.

Rudolph’s Market andSausage Factory. 2924 Elm St. 741-1874. Oldest old-fashioned meat market in Dallas. All meat is cut to order. Homemade sausage available.

Sharma’s.219 Preston Valley Shopping Center. 233-8008. Indian specialties.

Simon David.7117 Inwood. 352-1781. Outstanding produce and meat sections plus gourmet items and wines.


Back to Nature Health Foods.5111 Greenville. 691-2800. Extensive selection of foods and vitamins; mail and phone orders delivered the next day in Texas.

H & M Natural Food Store. 9191 Forest Lane, 231-6083; 2106 Greenville, 824-1740. Complete line of natural foods; fresh organic produce, juice bar and vitamins.

Health Food Center. 2320 S. Zang Blvd. 942-9483. Full-service center for natural foods and supplements; snack bar.

Imperial Health Foods. 1414 Preston Forest Square. 386-5796. Complete line of minerals, vitamins, concentrated nutrients and natural foods; juice bar.

Miracle Mile Health Foods. 4441 Lovers Lane. 521-7670. Vitamins, minerals, proteins; dietetic, salt-free and allergy foods; juice and snack bar.

Real-Life Nutrition Center. 201 Car-rollton Park Shopping Center, Carrollton. 242-8647. Vitamins, minerals, proteins; dietetic and vegetarian foods; cosmetics.

Roy’s Nutrition Center. 130 Preston Royal Shopping Center. 987-0213. Complete selection of organic produce and cosmetics; juice bar cafe with frozen yogurt, Tofutti and specials for lunch; closed Saturday, open Sunday.

Sundrops Natural Food Store. 3920 Oak Lawn. 521-0550. Vitamins, fresh produce, cosmetics, books; complete juice bar with seating for the lunch crowd.


A & A Liquor Store. 7729 Garland Road. 321-3171. Features full stock of liquor and beer.

Beer Barn Drive-Thru. Park Lane at Greenville, 692-5610; 2644 Walnut Hill Lane, 352-8989. Strictly a drive-through convenience store, offering domestic and imported beers.

Big D Liquor and Gifts. 1915 Commerce. 747-3597. Wholesale and retail; full stock of liquors, beers and domestic and imported wines.

Buckeye Cut-Rate. 2580 Walnut Hill Lane, 351-5685; 7610 Greenville, 361-2963. Nationally known brands of liquor and beer at reasonable prices; discounts frequently offered on weekends.

Centennial Liquor Stores. Office: 1827 W. Mockingbird. 630-5000. Twenty-nine locations throughout Dallas. “Wine merchants to the Great Southwest” specializing in fine and inexpensive imported wines and champagnes; complete stock of liquors and beers, including Centennial house brands at discount prices; wide variety of liqueurs, mixers, barware and gourmet foods.

Cork ’N’ Bottle. 6110 E. Mockingbird. 827-4441. One of the largest wine selections in Dallas, along with liquors and beers. The store will deliver.

Hasty Liquors. 2948 Stemmons Freeway. 630-8712. Eleven locations in and around the Dallas area provide a fine selection of liquors and wines.

Marty’s. 3316 Oak Lawn. 526-7796. Headquarters for the epicure; wide selection of liquors, liqueurs, imported wines and beers; cheeses and gourmet foods of all kinds. Delivery service available.

Red Coleman’s Liquors. Office: 7560 Greenville. 363-5485. Seven stores in all sections of the city. Featuring major weekend discounts on nationally known brands of beer, liquor and wine, as well as everyday low prices on Red Coleman house brands. “Super Stores,” which carry exceptional stocks of wines and champagnes at 8411 Park Lane, 14733 Inwood and 2151 Northwest Highway.

Sigel’s Liquor Stores. Office: 2960 Anode. 350-1271. Nine stores throughout Dallas; all featuring excellent selection of domestic and imported wines.

World Liquor Stores. Office: 3010 Blackburn. 521-7731. Eight locations around Dallas. Domestic and imported wines; complete selection of imported beers.