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By D Magazine |

A new gadget hit town a few months ago, and the real estate industry is hoping that potential home buyers will tune in to it. The device is called AM-CAST, and it’s a radio transmitter/cassette tape player that is designed to be placed in a structure (a house, for example) and transmit a prerecorded message to those driving by whose car radio is tuned to a specified AM frequency.

AMCAST is distributed locally through Adcaster Inc. for Michigan-based Audiocom. Jim Stanton is selling the $495 instrument to real estate agents who like the idea of a “24-hour salesman.” The principle is simple: The real estate agent records a description of the house on a standard cassette. The tape is inserted into the AMCAST, which is placed in the house that is for sale or lease, and the tape broadcasts the message continuously on an AM frequency. Prospective clients can drive by the house and tune their car radios to the AM frequency specified by a sign in the front yard.