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DALLAS City of Winners

By D Magazine |

Dalias: City of Winners! What an exciting concept!

If there is any one- word which describes the outlook and ambiance of the city of Dallas, it is the word “winning.” Whatever they do. the citizens of Dallas love to win. It is therefore an honor to be “first up to bat” in the new series of ’Mitchell watercolors presenting some of the ways in which) our beloved city- maintains and enhances its winning image.

Going into our fortieth war in Dallas as Realtors, we have helped our city’s new growth and have applauded the efforts to preserve the best of the old. The 2900) block of Swiss Avenue is an exciting example of preserving and recreating the appearance of Dallas as it was at the turn of the century. It is known as the Wilson Block.

Best seen by late afternoon light. the rich colors. gabled roofs, deep porches, intricate architectural ornamentation, clapboard siding and white picket fence create an atmosphere of nostalgia so strong that visitors old enough to remember those days feel as though the\’ have just stepped back through a time machine or onto a movie set. Imagination can easily supply the action – a horse-drawn delivery wagon. kids in knee britches playing marbles or spinning tops. housewives visiting across a back fence. a gas lamplighter making his solitary rounds as dusk settles over the city.

Tenants of the Wilson Block say imagination is not necessarilv involved. They feel that the calming influence of the beautiful old homes is a very real factor in their lives. They contend that in contrast to officing in a glass and aluminum skyscraper, their old-fashioned surroundings on Swiss Avenue contribute a definite element of contentment and relaxation to their business day.

New is not always better. There is much to be said for the way we were.