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By D Magazine |

Every January, we resolve to make ourselves thinner, happier, more productive people. Every February, we give up.

That’s why we decided not to depress ourselves by setting such nasty goals this year. We thought that it would be much more run to set goals for other people. Thus was born the first annual “D Points Its Finger At Dallas List.” We have looked around our fair city and have unfairly decided who needs a little shaping up. So suck in your guts, stiffen your upper lips and brace yourselves. A little criticism never hurt anyone-too much.

Let’s start at the top.

Mayor Starke Taylor: Work on that temper. Those flare-ups at City Council meetings are getting pretty old. Try yoga or TM or just talcing deep breaths.

Warner Amex: You did it backwards last year. For 1984, try increasing staff and service.

Dallas City Planning and Development Department: Steer clear of all East Dallas road issues. They only cause a ruckus in the City Council chambers. Remember the Greenville-Matilda couplet?

Braniff International: Keep the “Flying Colors” in the air-without the color red.

Eddie Chiles: Look at the Rangers’ 1983 record and get mad again.

Dallas firefighters: Honor the council-manager form of government, and stay out of politics.

Metrocrest: Forget your new name and start over.

Dallas Cowboys fans: Go to a few Mavericks games and see how real fans cheer.

Southland Corp.: Stay at the drawing board until you’ve perfected your plans for City Place. Those two towers on Central Expressway are too much.