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The famous snowy yards and annual twinkling lights along Armstrong Parkway are the work of Bob C. Wilkins. He’ll merrily do all the legwork inside and out to create whatever kind of Christmas you’ve been dreaming about, whether that means flocking a 50-foot candy-caned evergreen or hanging a single sprig of mistletoe. Best of all, hell come back after the first of the year to take it all down. Call 922-9729 for a free consultation. Eclectic Ideas is another business that will decorate your house or office-even with your 30-year-old decorations, if you insist. They know how to freshen up your keepsake ornaments without sacrificing their sentimental significance. 348-7084.


There’s no reason to settle for canned cranberries this year. Dallas is replete with caterers. Serve your guests truffles or foie gras fresh from France via Marty’s (526-4070) or a barbecued gobbler from The Ribshack (351-3400). Sue Semos of Semos & Mincemoyer Inc., says her company will do “whatever” you want done. That means food, decorations or, perhaps, 12 tiny reindeer on a German chocolate cake. While you’re at it, how about an edible gingerbread dwelling designed to look just like home? 528-2600.

Stalwart Shoppers And Gifted Wrappers

Before you strap on knee pads and nose guards for another night of Christmas consumerism or write the check for that wholesale order of Scotch tape, consider the alternative. Jon Gitelson runs a year-round service called Tele-Reminder that’s especially helpful at Christmas. His idea of a good time is doing it all for you: He’ll send cards, buy gifts-even come to your home and wrap all the presents in paper that complements your Christmas decor (8904949). Gladys Fitz is another expert at putting gifts under wraps. She’ll spend a busy evening at your home with her own stock of paper, tape and ribbons. 224-6023.

String ZIngers And Bell Ringers


Talented musicians far outnumber snowflakes in Dallas, but they’re just as hard to find. Call the Dallas Symphony office (565-9100) for a harpist or a cellist, or contact one of these folks for the specific sound you need for your festivity: Mary Reynolds (823-3824) can book a string quartet; and the Lyric Arts Trio can provide Woodwind Chamber music (827-0489). Bert Truax (350-1340) can bring you “Airstream,” featuring varying-sized brass groups performing jazz/pop numbers; and Al Mulado (692-3627) knows a variety of fine ivory ticklers.


From a single singing angel to a 1,900-pound Longhorn steer dressed as Santa Claus, Sparky Sparks has what it takes to liven up your home or office yule-bash. Entertainment and party planning is his specialty, and “Central Expressway” is one of the groups Sparks can book. The band, which features five vocalists, has a special Christmas program swinging with a Big Band sound that will give your guests a rush hour they’ll not soon forget. 823-8515.


What does he do in the off-season? Sometimes he hangs out in Reno, sometimes Vail, but during the past few months, Santa’s been perfecting some moves that are quite a bit more complex than slithering down the average chimney. Ring him and as many as 25 of his friends at the Breakdance Connection, 458-4070.

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