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By D Magazine |

December SI, 1994


Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you! My ’nit it’s been a busy y?ar, and this annual report on the Farkel family should indeed reflect all the things we’ve been up to (OK, you grammarians, pardon my preposition!) Up to which we have been! First, Jerry and I celebrated our 25th wonderful year, with a lovely trip to central Oregon, which we hadn’t planned on, but which became necessary after Rob the Oldest (he’s now called Samajahi Ru; I’ll explain in a minute) decided he’d just had enough of school and the Metroplex and wanted to see some of the world, starting with-are you ready?-that wacky Pajneeshpuram cult in Oregon! Mow don’t get me wrong, folks, Rob-Samajahi Ru, 1 mean-is sure no fanatic, not. at all. He’s been a good Christian for years like the rest of us, except for ^uzy the Youngest, who’s still getting her figure tack from having the sweetest, most adorable little thing you ever saw, Joel, this past September. He’s got the most darling black hair and Suzy was back in school in time not to miss much cheerleader practice at all. Back to Samajahi. He didn’t really want to come back with us, but the Rajneesh was great about it and he told “Sam” that they had plenty of voters for the time being and that he should come right on back here and spread the glorious vision of Light and Meaning in old Big D, so we’re one happy family again. Except for Jake the Middle Child. You remember, of course, that he set the UIL record in the broad jump last year and didn’t do too badly in football as the first string quarterback with their 23-3 record and his 27 touchdown passes, well, things are a little different now! Jake and all his friends were really upset with all those new rules that they’ve put in the schools now, with all the emphasizing scholastics and all. He put one of those “I don’t brake for Ross Perot” stickers on his Trans Am, and he was furious when they cracked down and said that even the star players had to be passing all 8 I courses with at least a 97.5 average. Anyway, I after the election in November when they cut out I lunch periods and put in mandatory Chinese lessons, that was the last straw for Jake, who parted company with school after some choice words for the principal. But now he’s an entrepreneur! His modeling studio is going great guns, and ev?n though I think the location on Harry Hines was not the best,.he’s doing just fine.

So much for those busy kiddos! Jerry and I have had a wonderful year. He feels so free now that he finally got out of the real estate “game” (ha ha) and we got a postponement on that little legal matter that was troubling him last year. Just the other night I heard him tell one of the attorneys that if he never saw another condo again, it would be too soon. The press, of course, blew everything out of proportion and tried to make a big stink, but Jerry still thinks that the Lake Ray Hubbard area can be a great place for someone to make some big money- but not him, thanks!

I’m fine too, as usual. I work out at the Powerhouse now three times a week when I can get there between trips to the health food store for Samajahi Pu-cars are the non-karmic instruments of Satan, so he doesn’t drive-and taking little Joel to the sitter’s and his mother to football games and whatnot. I’m really shedding the lbs. and feeling so much younger again. If I don’t mind saying so, my leotards never had it so good. At least that’s what my instructor said the other night, and he’s been such an inspiration to all the girls in the class.

Well, I won’t go on! Our love for another year! MERRY XMAS!

Midge, Jerry and the kids