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By Valerie Miller |

In the beginning, it seemed like just another group of Dallasites with Hollywood dreams, but The Enlightenment Group Inc., a new entertainment production company, plans to turn its dreams into reality.

TEG Inc. is the brainstorm of Donald R. Borlie, formerly of KRLD radio. Four months ago, Borlie had an idea that turned into a mission: “to develop entertainment products that provide people with opportunities for positive experiences that can also enhance the quality of their lives.”

Borlie, who has spent 19 years writing, producing and directing film and multi-media presentations, is joined by partners Gaynell Weaver and Juan McAllister. Weaver comes directly from a position in promotion development at Dallas radio station KVIL, and McAllister has 20 years of professional marketing experience.

Unlike many entertainment companies striving to create a Third Coast in Texas, TEG promotes cooperation with Hollywood and its strong distribution channels, Borlie says. An important distribution concept for developing TEG’s major films is producing four to five projects simultaneously and then selling the distribution rights as a package to a major distribution company. The concept is intended to appeal to investors, who know that if only one or two of the moderately priced films are financially successful, they will not lose money.

TEG isn’t limited to movies, however. The group plans to develop productions of all varieties, from rock music videos to educational programs. Project High Frontier, a dramatic look at satellite defense systems and the commercialization of space, is slated as the group’s first project.