DALLAS City of Winners

Of all its characteristics and attributes, one dimension of Dallas stands out from all the rest its winning spirit.

Whatever their activities, accomplishments or pursuits, the citizens of Dallas love to win. They relish victory. They savor accomplishment. They rejoice over attainment.

To a degree perhaps unmatched by any other world-class city, this unabashed love affair with success has become the consistent hallmark of dynamic Dallas. Fortunately, being a winner doesn’t automatically mean that someone else has to lose. In most areas of human activity, a winning performance by one benefits all.

There are victories of the minci and of the spirit. There is triumph in the athletic arena and in the marketplace. There are winners in the classroom and in the halls of commerce. There is success in the boardroom and along life’s byways, back alleys and bicycle trails.

Since the people of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex are accustomed to their stance in the winners circle, they naturally feel good about themselves. They have a good self image. Their attitude is by no means snobbery or egotism. They just plain like it here. They like to live here, work here, and play here. This is home base from which they travel forth throughout the world and always return with feelings of gratitude and contentment.

As the citizens of Dallas prepare to welcome President Reagan and the Republican parry, be assured that the winning spirit of Dallas will turn out to be contagious.


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