Thumbs Down to Dallas County Commissioners Jim Jackson, Nancy Judy and Jim Tyson for calling for a grand-jury investigation of nine officers in the Sheriff’s Department who participated in the American Airlines AAdvantage program. The system provides prizes and free airline tickets to travelers who have accumulated a certain number of miles flown with the airline. It costs nothing to join and is used by thousands of people across the nation- the majority travel for business reasons, just like the officers in question. Furthermore, there has never been a policy on such promotions, which have been in existence with various airlines for years. The abuse-of-office provision of our state law is definitely necessary as a safeguard against misuse of privileges, but this nit-picking probe is a misuse of the state funds. Instead of wasting time and money on this, why doesn’t someone investigate other areas in which there have been reports of misuse? Perhaps Tyson’s office would be a good place to start. Tyson was recently accused of using county materials, equipment and personnel to do personal chores for his family and friends.


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