Animal Instincts


It’s in our blood, for better orworse -this passion for fur. It’s the richest, most luxurious of textures, and therefore the hardest to resist. Our affinity for fur is nothing new; we’ve been wrapping ourselves in animal skins since the day we first walked on two legs. But until recently, choosing a fur was about as interesting as buying a pair of saddle shoes: Outside of color selection, the options were fairly limited. Basically, you had your standard mink stole -save It for the spring dance-or your full-length sable -make this entrance a major one. Now, though, fur designers have gone wild (so to speak). No longer is there a fur format.” The only real rule: Think big. Looser, more-comfortable menswear proportions; stronger lines; varied lengths; dyed fur; and textured patterns make this season’s coats wear-able-wherever your lair.


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